About Presque Isle

Almost An Island

French Voyageurs named us Presque Isle or "Almost an Island." Our rich history includes booming logging days, vacation resorts, sportsman's traditions and more. History reports that nearly 300 years ago, two French priests, leading a missionary expedition through unchartered waters, were shipwrecked and marooned on the shores of Lake Superior. The party pitched their camp at the mouth of a river and survived the winter. During the spring thaw and high water, they found themselves on "Almost an Island." They christened the river "Presque Isle." In later years, peoples traveled upstream to the headwaters and found our largest lake, beautiful Presque Isle Lake, and soon the whole area became known as Presque Isle. As it is today, our township, with 77 square-miles and over 80 lakes, translated from the French words is truly "Almost an Island." With over 21 islands - try to count them - our second largest lake, Crab Lake, is acclaimed by many to be the most beautiful in the state. Indeed, all of our island-stuffed lakes are beautiful, and as you may well expect, ideal for fishing too. Although most of our spring-fed lakes flow to the sea through the St. Lawrence Waterway, those along our south boundary make their journey to the Gulf of Mexico - most interesting to find some lakes flowing north, while some others only a few blocks away are spilling their springs to the south. This exhibits the Presque Isle area to be on top of the watershed - high on the divide - and with our elevation up to over 1800 feet, we enjoy many of Nature's privileges. We deem it one of our privileges to cordially invite you and your family to visit and share Nature's benefits with us.