For those of you not familiar with geocaching it is best described as a “worldwide treasure hunt”, in which participants use smartphones or GPS units to locate hidden containers (caches). They are able to keep track of the caches they find on the website. Geocaching is a wonderful family activity, for all ages.

In an effort to attract visitors to our wonderful town, we launched the “Winegar Reflections Series” of geocaches in mid-May. This series currently consists of 31 caches, with many of the caches highlighting a person, place, or event from the town’s history. We also had two geocaching events at the Presque Isle Community Library, during which information was presented to inform newcomers on how to get started in finding their first geocaches.

The response to these caches has been amazing! Not only did some local residents get the geocaching bug, the Winegar Reflections series attracted at least 75 visitors from other parts of the country, coming from as far away as California, Georgia, and Oregon. Because there are so many caches here, some of the out-of-towners, made 2-3 visits to locate them. While in town they visited local business’ and enjoyed the time they spent in “Wisconsin’s Last Wilderness”.

There have been over 530 logged visits to these caches since they were placed. Word is spreading about this series, and we are anticipating that there will be many more geocachers descending on our town in the future. In addition to the 31 caches already in place, plans are now underway to place at least 10 more caches next spring. We will also be working with local business’ to help promote this activity, and the “Winegar Reflections” series will be introduced at various geocaching events around the state in the coming months.

It is because of the work done by the Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce, the Presque Isle Community Library, individual property owners (who graciously gave us permission to place caches on their property) and others who worked hard to bring this activity to the area, that we are proud to call Presque Isle the “GEOCACHING CAPITAL OF THE NORTHWOODS”!

Caching Up In Wisconsin's Last Wildernesss

Presque Isle's 1st Annual Geocaching Event

THIS WAS AN EXCELLENT EVENT, and one we are working to repeat again. Please check back for additional programs:

New to Geocaching? Experienced Cacher?
Plan to join us for this first ever Geocaching Event, in what is considered by many to be the new “Geocaching Capital of the Northwoods”

WHEN: Friday, June 22nd 1:30- 3:30pm
WHERE: Presque Isle Community Library, 8306 School Loop Rd. Presque Isle, WI

For those of you who are new to this wonderful family activity, a short presentation, titled “Geocaching for Beginners” will help answer your questions and get you started on this great adventure. There will be samples of geocache containers on display, along with “travel bugs” and other items.
In addition, information will be provided about the “WINEGAR REFLECTIONS SERIES” of caches that were recently placed throughout the township. These caches are designed to highlight the rich history of the town, and to provide an enjoyable adventure for everyone!