Fall in Wisconsin's Last Wilderness


Fall Fishing photograph by Bruce Nelson Photography of Lake Effect Gallery in downtown Presque Isle.

Autumn in the gentle glacial hills of Wisconsin's Last Wilderness is a riot of color. It is that famous in-between time of warmth and fall crispness, a time of profound change that stirs every living thing.

The bright hues of crimson reds, smoky golds and rich browns are everywhere. The brilliant colors of changing leaves are mirrored in the lakes and ponds as maples, birches, aspens, and tamaracks display the dramatic phenomenon of autumn.

There is an instinctive urge to be outside to immerse yourself in the profound change. On those misty October mornings of autumn, Canadian geese and flocks of migrating ducks grace the north country lakes. Hunting seasons begin in September with sportsmen walking the old tote roads for ruffed grouse. And, November is the culmination with the rich Wisconsin tradition of deer hunting.

For the fall fisherman the quest continues with renewed enthusiasm.. for September and October are the months when trophy walleyes and muskies patrol the deep rock bars, instinctively feeding to prepare for the arrival of December's cold. Anglers know the dream is alive and well in a Northwoods autumn.

It is the season of touring -- by auto, boat, bicycle, or by foot -- enjoying the sights and sounds of color, of noisy waterfalls, of early morning mists, of a world draped in vibrant colors.

Whatever your pleasure, Presque Isle beckons you to enjoy the special peace and magnificent beauty of autumn in the woods.

Things to do in the Fall: