Spring in Wisconsins' Last Wilderness


Spring in the Northwoods is the miracle of rebirth, a time when new sights, sounds and smells reawaken winter-weary people. It is color... from the subtle hues of new green leaves to the deep yellows of marsh marigolds. It is sound... gabbling Canadian geese winging their way northward, mated loons yodeling and wailing with the calls that have become the symbol of our Northwoods wilderness, or a symphony of new bird songs that begin at dawn. Is is precious sights...  bald eagles soaring on a warming May breeze, twin whitetail fawns, staring curiously at your in their new world, a blue heron stalking the shoreline.

And Spring in Wisconsin's Last Wilderness means fishing. Join us in the anticipation of a new year, new dreams, and new adventures with walleyes, muskies, bass, northern pike, and panfish. The opening days of May offer the angling family the widest possible variety of fishing -- from large Class A walleye and musky lakes to the hidden bass and panfish waters located off the main roads.

Spring in Wisconsin's Last Wilderness is a unique blending of new impressions inviting you to enjoy the grand spectacle of the Northwoods.

Things to do in the Spring: