Winter in Wisconsin's Last Wilderness

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Winter always seems to arrive on a quiet November day... snow sifting from leaden skies, quietly covering the fallen leaves. ice fringes elongate on the lakes -- further encroaching on the dark open water at nightfall. By mid-December snows blanket the woods and the lakes are closed to a thickening mantle of ice. It is as the old-timbers say, the arrival of "winterset."

What was traditional has dramatically changed over the years. Instead of communities literally closing their doors as the cold quiet of winter settled on the land, the Northwoods has now turned into a truly special time for snow enthusiasts.

You have to see it to believe it! Snow, snow, and more snow! Presque Isle's location in the famed Lake Superior snowbelt means annual snowfalls rarely matched in the state. Skiers -- both alpine and cross-country -- and snowmobilers continue to discover what is widely known as the finest snow conditions in the Midwest. Add to that a Snowmobile Club that regularly grooms and boasts an excellent trail system, and excellent drinks, food, and lodging, and you are in for a good time!

The five major ski hills of Michigan's Upper Peninsula are but 30 minutes away. Snowmobilers find hundreds of miles of groomed trails leading in every direction from Presque Isle. You can plan anything from an afternoon trip of several dozen miles to an expedition deep into the Lake Superior highlands.

  • Enjoy the absolute best of two winter worlds -- outside on skis, snowshoes, or snowmobile, enjoying a winter world of snow laden forests -- or inside in your choice of a wealth of accommodations -- from trailside motel to cozy cabin, with a wide selection of restaurants and friendly taverns to meet your dining needs.
  • Additionally, ice fishing, snowshoeing, fatbiking, night-sky viewing, and winter photography opportunities are literally outside your door.
  • Spending the Christmas season in Wisconsin's Last Wilderness is a growing tradition for snow seekers and one in which we kick off with a Children's Christmas Celebration with horse-drawn sleigh ride every December. And it launches a January to March snow season of blue skies, superb powder, and a world of winter scenery that is truly incredible.

Things to do in the Winter: