Winegar Reflections

Winegar Reflections

Winegar Massacre

August 9, 2018

Hello, Folks! My name is George Rutherford. Now, most of you never heard of me and how I came to be buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, out west of town but,  if you gather ‘round and sit a spell, I will tell you how I came to be there.

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The “Old Mill Pond”

July 24, 2018

Away back when horses provided the pull, water the power, and men with caulks in their boots rode the logs to the mills, Winegar was a boom town.

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The “Presque Isle Country Fair”

June 18, 2018

On June 23-24th, there will be lots of excitement in town, as we once again celebrate “Presque Isle Days”.

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Man about Town : Fred & Catherine Wolter

May 15, 2018

Other than William S. Winegar, few people in the town’s history had a more significant impact than that of Fred Wolter and his wife Catherine. Fred and Catherine met while working at the same company in Milwaukee. In 1942, the Wolters’ bought a large tract of land east of Winegar and they started camping up north every summer…

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Main Street Mayhem

April 9, 2018

Three people whom you have never heard of, and who have never lived in this town, played major roles in a potentially violent confrontation that took place right here on Main Street. Let’s travel back to July 19th, 1958, and see what happened…

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School Daze

March 1, 2018

Helen Larson, Blake Phillips, Joyce Bowers, Ross Oxley, Mr. Soami, Marie Long, Mr. Piersall, GladysHill…….What do these names have in common? Well, if you guessed that they, among others, were all former teachers at the town’s grade school, you may move your desk to the head of the class.

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‘Big Bill’ Winegar

January 29, 2018

Today, our village is called “Presque Isle”, which means “almost an island”. But did you also know that, in times past, we were known by not one, but two, other names? Let’s go back to the early 1900’s and see how it all began……

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