The Carlin Club Restaurant
12336 Carlin Club Drive, Presque Isle, WI 54557
12336 Carlin Club Drive Presque Isle Wisconsin 54557 US

Welcome to the legendary Carlin Club Restaurant located in Wisconsin’s Last Wilderness, Presque Isle, Wisconsin. Enjoy contemporary cuisine with a traditional Wisconsin twist created by local brother and sister chefs, Don and Dawn Psenicka.

Enjoy innovative, contemporary cuisine with roots in traditional American and German fare. On Thursdays enjoy small plate and wine pairings, Friday is all about fish, and on Saturday savor our exploratory menu featuring locally inspired and seasonal dishes. All this in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Not too fancy and not too shabby!

The Carlin Club Restaurant 10 months ago
The Carlin Club Restaurant 10 months ago
Don and Dawn Psenicka 10 months ago
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