Town Cleanup Project Day

May 28, 2020 @ 9:00 am
Picnic area PI Community Center
School Loop Road

On Thursday, May 28th will be the first town cleanup day for 2020. Meet at 9 am in the picnic area by the Community Center and organize which projects will be done based on the number of people who show up. Expect it to go for 3-4 hours after which  there will be a bag lunch at the Community Center picnic area. Some possible projects include:

Town Cemetery cleanup.

Tree planting at the Heritage Apple Orchard, cleaning up the underbrush there, planting memorial trees for Steve Smith and Cathy Vogt, and possibly 2 trees on the ridge line at Sensenbrenner.

Heritage Society Gardens and the garden on the corner, the garden on the side of the fire station toward the Heritage Society, and a planter on the driveway of the Community Center.

Staining the Heritage Society building.

Bring some work gloves and any gardening type tools, and a couple shovels. We will need 2 gas powered weed whackers. Any tools you bring please put tape on with your name.